What is the cost of dentistry in Widnes?

Are you searching for the cost of dentistry in Widnes? Smiles and More Dentistry can help!

Smiles and More Dentistry in Widnes is revolutionising dental care accessibility with membership plans that make routine check-ups and treatments more affordable.

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about the cost of dentistry in Widnes with Smiles and More Dentistry.

What is the cost of dentistry in Widnes?

Cost-Effective Dental Care

At Smiles and More Dentistry, we understand that the cost can often be a barrier to regular dental care.

That’s why we’ve introduced membership plans that start at the compelling price of just £15.50 per month. This means you can now enjoy high-quality dental care for roughly 51p per day, less than the cost of your morning coffee!

Our dental plans are structured to offer more value compared to the typical ‘pay as you go’ system.

Members receive a 10% discount on most treatments, adding to the overall savings.

Moreover, eligibility for assistance through the Global Dental Scheme is an added bonus, providing peace of mind in cases that require extensive care.

Preventative Care

The focus at Smiles and More is on preventive care. By investing in regular check-ups and maintenance, our members drastically reduce the risk of oral diseases and the need for invasive treatments further down the line.

Routine dental care is conveniently managed with monthly Direct Debits, ensuring that your dental health never takes a back seat due to financial concerns.

Moreover, members can look forward to exclusive discounts and promotions, making Smiles and More not just a dental clinic but a community that rewards its patients for their loyalty and commitment to dental health.

Our Membership Plans

Joining Smiles and More Dentistry’s membership plan is straightforward and beneficial. Let’s break down what each plan includes and how they stand as cost-effective solutions to your dental needs:

Silver Plan – Your Gateway to Regular Dental Health Monitoring

For just £15.50 per month, you can subscribe to our Silver Plan which includes:

  • 2 dental examinations per year
  • 2 dental hygiene visits per year
  • X-rays as clinically required
  • An easy and transparent pathway to maintaining crucial dental check-ups twice a year

Gold Plan – Comprehensive Dental Care for Peace of Mind

At £22.95 per month, our Gold Plan offers:

  • 2 dental examinations per year
  • 4 dental hygiene visits per year
  • Included X-rays as deemed necessary
  • Essentially, you get double the hygiene visits compared to the Silver Plan, reducing dental risks even further for just 75p per day

The range of treatments covered

At Smiles and More Dentistry, our comprehensive care extends to treatments such as:

  • Teeth Whitening: For a brighter, more confident smile
  • Composite Bonding: A modern approach to enhancing your teeth’s appearance
  • Veneers: Custom-made shells to give your teeth a more classical shape
  • White Fillings: Durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions to cavities
  • Crowns: Strong, protective covers for damaged teeth
  • Dental Implants: Replacement roots providing a strong foundation for fixed or removable teeth
  • Tooth Extractions: Safe removal of teeth when necessary
  • Dentures: Replace missing teeth and restore your smile

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