Dental Referrals in Widnes with Smiles & More Dentistry

Smiles and More Dentistry can provide dental referrals Widnes to patients who require specialist treatment that a traditional dental clinic cannot offer.

In this latest blog, we’ll discuss our dental referrals in Widnes process clearly and straightforwardly.

Hence, any potential referral patient feels at ease from the get-go!

Dental Referrals Widnes – The Smiles & More Dentistry Process

Dental referrals in Widnes can be arranged through dental practices and dental care providers.

Referrals are usually made when a patient needs specialist dental care that cannot be provided by their regular dentist or if the patient has an unusual dental condition or requires complex dental treatment.

Our specialist dentures referrals team can accept and provide treatment for the following procedures:

  • Bespoke Dentures
  • Full and Partial Dentures
  • Chrome Cobalt Light Alloy Dentures
  • Dental Implants
  • Implant Retained Dentures


When making a referral, the referring dentist will provide information to our team, such as the patient’s medical history, dental X-rays, photographs of teeth and gums and details of any prior dental treatments that have been carried out.

This helps our dental practitioners to make an accurate diagnosis and plan a suitable course of action for treatment.

The dental referral process typically begins with your regular dentist discussing your condition with you and assessing whether you require further dental care or specialist dental treatment.

If it is recommended that you seek the dental care of a specialist, your dentist will provide referral information to the specialist and discuss any necessary laboratory tests and dental X-rays that may be required.

What happens once Smiles and More Dentistry receive a dental referral?

Once the dental referral Widnes process is complete, a member of our dental practitioner team receiving the referral will contact you directly to arrange an appointment.

At this point, they will also provide details regarding fees and any other treatments or procedures they recommend as part of your dental care plan.

It is important to remember that dental referrals in Widnes are not always necessary for every dental issue; however, if there is a need for specialised expertise, seeking a dental referral can ensure that you receive the best possible care available to treat your dental issues!

By referring patients to dental specialists with more specific knowledge and expertise, dentists can ensure their patients receive the highest quality dental care.

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