What services do Smiles and More Dentistry Widnes offer?

Here at Smiles and More Dentistry Widnes, we’re confident that we offer some of the most premium dentistry services available in Widnes!

In this latest Smiles and More Dentistry blog, we’ll discuss all our available treatments in detail, from white fillings to tooth extractions and more.

Of course, we’re aware that a trip to the dentist can provoke feelings of anxiety or trepidation in some patients.

So our team have endeavoured to make our practice environment calm and relaxing to put our patients, old and new, at ease throughout their visit.

Smiles and More Widnes Treatments

White Fillings

White fillings are the most common form of restorative treatment for natural teeth, made from dental composite and mixed tough resins for longevity.

First, a member of our dental team will administer a local anaesthetic to remove the decayed part of a tooth.

Then, the composite will be coloured and matched to your natural teeth.

Finally hardened and shaped by a dedicated form of bright light that helps increase the functionality and overall lifespan of a white filling.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a highly-effective, non-invasive process of lightening the colour of your teeth for a brighter, whiter smile!

Smiles and More Dentistry Widnes offer a home whitening procedure.

This is the most effective way to monitor the results of your teeth whitening treatment and allows us to predict any other methods that may or may not be needed.

Please note that the time period for results can differ from patient to patient. On average, you will start to see results around the 2-3 week mark.

However, darker teeth can take up to 4-5 weeks for noticeable results.

If you’re considering teeth whitening treatment, your appointments will be split into two:

  • First appointment: An impression is taken of your teeth to create a custom-fit tray.
  • Second appointment: We’ll inform you when your custom-fit trays are ready to be delivered and when you can expect your trays, whitening chemicals, instructions, and, if necessary, shade verification



Veneers are thin shells made from porcelain that are carefully placed on the surface of your teeth.

These shells can hide discolourment, chips or irregular-shaped teeth. They can also cover gaps if gaps are something that concerns you.

The first step of your treatment is to prepare the tooth/teeth by removing any excess enamel.

An impression is then taken to create your unique veneer in our dental laboratory. Once this veneer is complete, it is affixed to the chosen tooth with a strong dental adhesive.

For many patients, veneers can be the long-lasting solution they have been searching for!


The main aim of crowns is to conceal broken, discoloured or decayed teeth, providing complete coverage and restoring a natural shape, appearance and strength.

Crowns can be made from many different materials, including porcelain, ceramic or metal alloys, and can also be an effective treatment for a root canal.

Treatment for crowns is split into two appointments:

  • First appointment: A local anaesthetic is used to numb the affected area; enamel removal is then undertaken to make room for a crown. Impressions are then taken to match the shade of your natural teeth and ensure a perfect fit. A temporary crown is fitted to protect your tooth.
  • Second appointment: The temporary crown is removed to accommodate the fitting of your unique crown and fixed into place with a type of solid dental cement.


Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions can be a daunting procedure to undergo for many patients.

Whether you require a simple tooth extraction or are concerned that you may need surgery, read our complete guide by clicking the link above!

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a fantastic aesthetic alternative when it comes to hiding any teeth imperfections!

This non-invasive procedure is cost-effective, fast and pain-free.

Composite bonding should be a treatment you consider for chips, cracks or discolouration.

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