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Are you searching for a dental practice in Widnes that provides tooth extractions?

SAM Dentistry is that dental practice!

In this latest blog, we’ll discuss who we are and what you can expect from a tooth extraction in Widnes by our dental team.

Who are SAM Dentistry?

We are a reputable dental clinic in Widnes that offers a comprehensive range of dental treatments, including tooth extractions

Our dental team are highly trained and experienced dentists who provide safe and effective tooth extraction procedures. 

We aim to help patients achieve optimal oral health by preserving their natural teeth whenever possible. 

However, in some cases, tooth extractions are necessary to prevent further damage to the surrounding teeth and gums.

What can I expect from a tooth extraction procedure in Widnes?

Tooth extractions are a standard dental procedure dentists perform when a tooth cannot be saved through other treatments. 

Smiles and More Dentistryprovides expert tooth extraction services to help patients relieve pain and prevent further damage to their oral health.

A tooth extraction appointment can be broken down into several steps:

Conduct a thorough examination of the patient’s teeth and gums

This examination will help our dental team determine whether a tooth extraction is necessary and what type of extraction will be required. 

There are two types of tooth extractions: simple and surgical. 

Simple extractions are used when the tooth is visible and can be easily removed. 

In contrast, surgical extractions are used when the tooth is impacted or hidden beneath the gum line.

Administer local anaesthetic

Once the type of extraction is determined, the dentist will administer a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. 

This will help ensure that the patient feels no pain during the procedure.

If you are concerned about anaesthetic, our dental team can discuss numerous options prior to your tooth extraction Widnes, to lessen any fears or anxiety you may have.

After the area is numb, we use a dental instrument called an elevator to loosen the tooth from the surrounding gums and bone. 

Using forceps, the affected tooth will then be gently removed.

If a surgical extraction is required, a member of our dental team will make a small incision in the gum to access the tooth and remove it.

Post-extraction aftercare

Once the tooth is removed, your dentist will place a gauze pad over the socket and ask the patient to bite down to help stop the bleeding. 

We provide our patients with extensive post-operative instructions, including how to care for the extraction site and manage any pain or swelling.

Patients may experience discomfort and swelling following a tooth extraction, but this can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication and ice packs. 

Following your dentist’s post-operative instructions carefully is important to ensure proper healing and prevent complications.

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