What are the benefits of White Fillings in Widnes?

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What are white fillings in Widnes?

White fillings are a restorative dental treatment designed to match your teeth’ natural colour.

These fillings are made from a dental composite material composed of a mixture of tough resins, making it a durable option for restoring teeth that have been damaged due to decay or injury.

The process of applying a white filling involves carefully layering the composite material onto the tooth, creating a custom shape that matches the surrounding teeth.

A special light is then used to harden each composite material layer, creating a strong bond between the filling and the tooth.

Generally, white fillings can last anywhere from five to ten years or longer with proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

What are the benefits?

White fillings offer numerous benefits over traditional silver amalgam fillings.

Natural appearance

White Fillings have a more natural appearance, blending in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth.

This makes them an ideal choice for visible teeth, such as the front teeth, where appearance is of utmost importance.


White fillings provide improved durability due to advancements in modern materials.

They are now made from a composite resin that is highly resistant to wear and tear, making them less likely to fracture or break over time.

This makes them a long-lasting option for filling cavities, providing a reliable solution for tooth decay.

Fewer Drillings

White fillings require less drilling and preparation of the tooth, meaning a smaller amount of the natural tooth structure needs to be removed, making them a more conservative solution.

This is because the resin used in composite fillings is bonded to the tooth, which means it can be used to restore the tooth’s natural shape and function.

What are the prices of white fillings?

Everyone should be able to access quality dental care; that’s why at Smiles & More Dentistry, we offer price plans on all our services.

This allows our patients to spread the cost of their chosen treatment over a set period and not worry about a financial burden hanging over them.

If you are seeking dental treatment in Widnes and require a white filling, you can expect to pay around £100.00 for this procedure.

However, if you are signed up to Practice Plan, the price is reduced to £90.00. It is important to note that the final cost of a white filling may depend on factors such as the size and location of the cavity and the complexity of the procedure itself.

That being said, rest assured that our expert team is committed to providing you with the highest quality dental care at a fair and transparent price.

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